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MoonBoat AMA | The NFT Waves Base on New Public Chain


“Moon Boat” is a AMA column jointly launched by ADAMoracle and SHENGSHI Capital. It is designed to capture industry hot topics. Each event will focus on hot topics and hot projects in the blockchain field, there will also be Joint Airdrop bonus!

For Panel1, we had Near Protocol, Uniarts and ADAMoracle to talk about “The NFT Waves Based on New Public Chain

The following is the content of MoonBoat panel1:

Q1: Please briefly introduce yourself and your project.


Hi, I’m Iota Chan, I am a NFT marketer and Community Builder with NEAR Asia. I’m glad to be here to do a quick dive into the NEAR NFT Ecosystem. I’m also excited to share TENK, the PFP NFT Project Launcher we built on the NEAR.

NEAR is a layer one,developer-friendly, POS, public blockchain blockchain with a trustless bridge to Ethereum. It’s unique strength is a focus on UX that makes web3 decentralization accessible to the next billion users migrating from web2.

NEAR is Simple, Secure and Scalable and is ready for mass adoption of blockchain.

NEAR is aiming to onboarding 1 Billion people on chain in 5 years,Besides that it has infinite scalability with Nightshade Sharding and 1 second block times with Doomslug. With low gas fees and fast transactions,NEAR perfect for new creator’s economy based on NFT’s.

There are Two NFT marketplace on NEAR: and was running on Ethereum since 2018. Due to high gas fees and environmental impact Mintbase needed another solution. The platform migrated to NEAR on 18th of May, 2021. They have launched stores for thousands of artists and organizations, including deadmau5.With Minbase, Creators own their smart contracts. web2 developers can build their own nft storefronts using mintbase js api. Mintbase on NEAR is built to scale for real world applications like ticketing, loyalty programs, promotional collectables, and other everyday use cases.

Paras is an NFT marketplace focusing on Digital Collectibles, digital art cards that were inspired by real-world trading cards back in the 80s. Unlike other marketplaces, Paras is putting collections forward instead of a single art release.Aiming to attract not only crypto collectors but also conventional trading card collectors. Paras just had its one year anniversary 1:1 online Auctions


Hello, everyone, I am Michael Clare from the Bahamas, I am the Global Strategy Officer of ADAMoracle, and I am also an economist at the Bahamas Ministry of Finance, and ambassador of the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC). I am very happy to discuss any topics with you guys today. 

ADAMoracle is the industry’s first decentralized oracle that adopts the “wide-area node price feed” mechanism, adding a large number of diversified servers as computing nodes and storage nodes, replacing traditional oracles with Turing mechanism, and striving to achieve continuous technological innovation. ADAMoracle laboratory has also been paying attention to the development of public chains and NFTs, helping to build these new forms of underlying infrastructure, and building a safe, credible, accurate, and self-maintainable decentralized oracle network.


UniArts is an Exhibition and IDO platform for NFTs with value discovery as its core feature.  Providing NFT voting incentives, DAO curation, and artworks NFT gaming features to better bond and connect fine art NFTs with the community. With these features, UniArts define itself with a simple word: Art-Fi, Art-Fi, is UniArts’ Innovative answering to Fine Art NFTs. 

With Art-Fi:UniArts allows community members with UARTs & wETHs to vote for any NFT artwork that they want on the platform. Voting benefits both the art lover and the artist because they are given new UART tokens during the process, and UART token also minted into NFT at the vote end with the amount of vote it received. Meanwhile,The person who wins the NFT auction can take out the UART and sell it. Therefore, in theory, the value of an NFT should not be lower than the value of the UART contained in it.

 At the same time, you can stake UART tokens to bid for a curator position, which allows you to move your NFT from other platforms (like OpenSea) to UniArts. While on UniArts, these moved NFTs can be displayed and voted, while UARTs will be minted into curator’s (voted) NFTs.,

Also, the NFT sold on UniArt’s “Impossible Art Formula Gallery” can be used as cards in the “ART-VERSUS” NFT Game, which will start around Q1 2022

 In a word, UniArts’ Art-Fi: Fine Arts with social, game and benefit

Q2: The new public chain and L2 have detonated a new round of enthusiasm in the market this year. Under the fierce competition among major public chains/L2, why did you choose Near?/BSC?/Polkadot….?


$NEAR is a carbon neutral L1 blockchain with low gas fees and fast transactions. NFT royalties and splits implemented at the standards level which means they work across all marketplaces.

$NEAR offers an L2 experience through, an EVM running on top of NEAR which is compatible down to the base token being ETH. That means solidity devs only need to reconfigure and deploy to migrate, not a single line of code to change. Focus on UX goes a long way for onboarding folks that have never encountered crypto before. Every account getting a human readable name by default (.near instead of .eth).

The NEAR ecosystem has over 100 DAOs where you can earn crypto with your skills. Creatives can get involved in more ways than selling NFTs. NEAR scaling tech is unparalleled. Nightshade sharding is like the blockchain virtual machine running on a rendering farm vs a single GPU (which is Solanas approach). 1 second block time makes web3 dApps feel snappy and ready for adoption by the next billion users migrating from web2. 


The current outbreak of Defi, NFT, Metaverse and other ecosystems puts forward higher requirements on the performance of the blockchain. Although Ethereum has to propose the Ethereum 2.0 plan due to high performance and high GAS fees, the mechanism change of Ethereum is extremely difficult, and it is also causing the new public chain to usher in an explosion.

The application of smart contracts is developing rapidly, and many new public chains have been developed for a period of time. All competitors in the new public chain track are working hard to solve problems such as decentralization, security, and scalability. The competition is also quite fierce. Representatives of new public chains such as NEAR, Solana, Polygon, etc., the performance of many public chains has not lost or even exceeded the standard that Ethereum 2.0 can achieve. They are building their own networks. This kind of innovation and differentiation is also the driving force for the industry as a whole. The outbreak of new public chains will activate more applications, and ADAMAoracle will also give these chains assistance in interacting data.


ETH is the network with the most art NFTs, and the main tone of UniArts is art, and the GAS fee of ETH is too high, so we chose Polygon, which is closer to ETH, to ensure that there is a better art NFT sink, but also to guarantee that the GAS fee is not high. gas fee of BSC is very low, and more importantly, there are very many NFT project parties and game project parties. We have a major strategic route to work with these project parties and do the first value discovery distribution of NFT, so we will choose Polygon and BSC.

Q3、Is NFT a short-term trend or a long-term development direction in the future? Why do you lay out the NFT track?


It will continue. NFTs democratize content and innovate the creator’s economy. It is here to stay.

Crypto is volatile and unprecedented, NFA&DYOR! That said, high quality data is available from opensea,, and Pessimistic (still not bad): If you prescribe to the Gartner hype cycle then it looks like NFT Art has crested the peak of inflated expectations, will have a dip, and will rise to settle into a plateau of productivity.

Optimistic: Traditional fine art buyers have a lot to gain from NFT. You don’t need to keep an NFT in a climate controlled warehouse with guards. Considering an estimated global art market of $60 billion, the growth opportunity could dwarf this year’s spike. 


The combination of ADAMoracle and NFT can use the oracle machine for NFT smart contracts to complete real-time monitoring and data interaction. Developers can use the ADAMoracle to securely connect NFT with data, web API, and various data providers, and further promote the prosperity of the NFT ecosystem.

Project parties can create NFT, and use the ADAMoracle to quickly import real assets such as land and artworks off chain, which enhances the dynamic connection between NFT and the real world, so that the price of NFT gradually approaches its true value. Anyone can Buying and selling NFT at reasonable prices will further increase the liquidity of NFT. 


For UniArts, NFT will definitely serve as a long-term development direction.Today, the NFTs ecosystem continues to grow. Many of the projects have been successfully using blockchain technology for a long time and already have a large pool of creative human capital, collectors and a loyal audience.At the same time, more and more content creators are discovering the possibility of monetising their creativity. Blockchain technology and NFT are increasingly being recognised by influencers and key players in the relevant fields. The crowd has always shown interest in this area. According to NonFungible, between 100 and 20,000 people are interested in buying NFT every week. projects based on beautiful and original ideas continue to emerge, opening up new possibilities for the use of irreplaceable token technology at the borders of science and industry.But there are still a lot of crypto art participants who don’t know much about the new gameplay and mechanics, so it’s important for us to make ourselves known to a wider audience.

Q4、What are the advantages of your own projects? How do you stand out in the market competition?


TENK is an open source profile picture project launcher on NEAR. It provides the art

generation scripts, smart contract, and web front end. TENK also provides marketing

playbooks and support. Marketing is the most important piece for a projects success.

Artists who launch projects on NEAR have access to an ecosystem of over 100 active

DAOs. There are also many gamefi and dApp partnership opportunities for artists.

TENK helps artists add utility to NFTs through these strategic partnerships.

NEAR Misfits was the first project launched by TENK. It sold out within 24 hours. We

have a long pipeline of artists interested in working with us and always like meeting

new artists. 


ADAMoracle is the first project in the oracle field to feed the price by wide-area nodes. It supports multi-chain operation. It is a representative of Oracle 3.0. It achieves true decentralization and solves the opacity and non-transparency of oracle products in the market. 

ADAMoracle has established a comprehensive risk control model, which can be seen from the process of the oracle machine’s price feed:

When the user initiates a data request, ADAMoracle will start calculations to carry out large-scale data screening and calculation. The first step is to screen out a batch of most matching nodes and deliver message requests; the nodes that receive the request will then be sent from the exchange or Obtain data from the Internet and transmit it to the secure background of ADAMoracle;

ADAMoracle selects the most accurate node with the most accurate price feed data through the aggregation contract, so that it can complete the price feed service.

Compared with other oracle product, ADAMoracle builds a large-scale wide-area node network with thousands of hardware servers, and can filter out a certain scale of price-feeding nodes in the price-feeding service, which can effectively avoid the problem of a single data source, thereby The accuracy of the price feed data is guaranteed. At the same time, the more nodes, the higher the cost of attacking the oracle system. Its wide-area node network mechanism can effectively solve data security issues and reduce data usage costs.

At the same time, the wide-area node mechanism implemented by ADAMoracle provides more people with the opportunity to participate in the price feed. As long as a hardware server with standard performance can join the wide-area node network, it truly creates an oracle that “everyone can participate”.  


The core idea about UniArts’ ART-Fi is to bond and connect artwork NFTs with the community and apply social attributes.

We understand that collectable NFTs are valuable because they are backed by Community Consensus meanwhile Crypto Arts lacks this feature due to its “1-on-1” seller-buyer 2 point interaction. Once some purchased an NFT, these isn’t a proper “Crypto-native scenario” to show out one’s collection.

But with UniArt, every one can become a Curator and show out their collection in the best place of our gallery, and let the community to common and vote for these NFTs, and benefit from the appreciation of these NFTs. Both artistes and collectors can fans and follower with UniArts’ features.

Also, everyone who votes for NFTs, will receive a free souvenir NFT, with a smaller version of the metadata of the NFT they voted Embedded in.

Q5:The economic model is very important to every project, and it is also the most concerned issue for investors. Could you please introduce the economic model of the project?


Royalties are implemented at the protocol level on NEAR. This means they’re respected across all the NFT marketplaces. Splits are also part of the NFT standard on NEAR. For TENK we take a split of initial sale and royalties.We negotiate the split on a per project basis. A project can be self service and use our open source tools without giving anything back. It’s nice when they do give back, which helps us fund new features and improvements. 


The total issuance of ADAM is 100 million. In terms of distribution, wide-area node mining 60%, private sale 13%, liquidity mining 9%, community contributor rewards 5%, initial circulation 3%, community/market 5% for operation and 5% reserved by the team.

It can be seen from the economic model of ADAM that wide-area node mining is the center of the token output, and the node is the center of operating the entire oracle. ADAMoracle seeks a decentralized governance ecosystem. Project parties and investment institutions only occupy a small number of ADAM shares, and most of the ADAM shares are given to nodes, because nodes are not only participants, but also builders. This will be more conducive to the circulation of ADAM.

The contribution value of the wide-area node server is calculated by quotation accuracy, node pledge amount and server space capacity. When the network reaches a certain computing power, the pledge amount will be reduced accordingly. The total output of the first phase of wide-area node mining is only 12 million ADAM, and the total network computing power is limited to 200 PIB. With the output of ADAM, even with the early circulation of 3 million ADAM, it can be used to participate in the pledge of early node mining are still limited, so in a short period of time, the mining yield will be relatively stable.


In simple words, stake UARTs and vote for NFTs create more UARTs, stake more UARTs to bid for a curatorial position to exhibit one’s NFT collections to be voted.

The very nature of UART, is an abstractive unit of human favour for artworks NFTs in the network. (Just recall when a mobile APP or a song asks you to rate it between 1 to 5 stars, that 1 star is an abstractive unit of your favour in that system)

The process of voting by staking UART for a particular NFT for a particular NFT generates not only gallery traffic for that NFT, but also asset transfer from the UART owner’s wallet to the staking pool. Since the costs of UARTs are none-zero, and the process of staking/voting is recorded in the blockchain and trustless, UniArts recognizes the proven traffic-add value for the NFT vote. With the repeat of the staking-and-vote process from different people, the value of voted NFTs increases. 

There are 100 million UARTs in total, about 60% UARTs will be mined from voting. 20% of UARTs that belong to early investors will be released during 5 quarters after TGE. Mre detailed information can be found here:

Q6: What is the current development focus of the project? Is there any progress in the near future? What are your plans for the future?


The next NFT project TENK has helped is NEAR Tiger Academy, dropping December 18th! RAWR NEAR Tiger Academy is a Profile Picture (PFP) NFT Avatar project that embraces a

variety of professions and lifestyles. The collection consists of 2,000 algorithmically generated NFTs. The NFT project is associated with EnDAOment fund, which will invest in promising student researchers in blockchain, and the proceeds from these investments will be distributed to Tiger holders.

CODAME ART+TECH Festival is about to announce our 2022 theme. It’s about the rawness and authenticity that we experience in the crypto space. We are always interested in meeting new artists, partners, volunteers, and sponsors. Paras has begun to integrate their token into the site. It’s use cases include verifying artists and voting for features. We’ve learned not to ask Mintbase when they will launch a token 😉

Thanks, ADAMoracle for hosting and glad meeting every one, The future is NEAR!


ADAMoracle still focuses on the development of wide-area nodes. Not long ago, the wide-area node network was officially launched, attracting a large number of miners to participate. In only half a month, the computing power of the network has exceeded 63,000 TIB, and the number of ADAM pledges exceeds 1.9 million. , Pledged nodes come from many countries and regions around the world, such as the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. We will continue to promote the construction of a global wide-area node network to create a true Oracle 3.0 network.

We are currently in a stage of rapid development, and continuous expansion of the ecosystem has become an important mission of ADAMoracle. The oracle includes three roles: data provider, node computing provider, and data service user. The three roles are indispensable. After the oracle network is stabilized, attracting more customers to join and empowering the entire ecosystem is a long-term plans.

We will also invest more funds to establish an investment foundation, and participate in the incubation of projects based on the oracle ecosystem, and guide projects in some of the most popular areas of encryption, including the development of Metaverse, GameFi, NFT and other blockchain infrastructure. In addition to funding early-stage companies, ADAMoracle Foundation will also provide blockchain founders with guidance on how to launch and expand their products and provide services for the use of oracles.


The three grants we have received so far:Web3 Foundation Grants:UniScan NFT Explorer; – SR25519 (Ruby Substate Client); Polygon Grants:The Impossible Art Fromula Gallery; will support UniArts mainnet as well as other established networks; We currently have an estimated 70,000 users on all of our social platforms including Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram, and we have planned many marketing campaigns and mutual diversions with various partners, and many users have already started using our gallery after its launch.

Uniscan, which is a NFT explorer developed by UniArts and granted by Web 3, will show the new & popular NFTs across multiple networks, currently in milestone 2. It may serve as a traffic entrance for NFTs, and UniArts may utilize it and direct more users to its gallery and ecosystem. Our NFT Game “ART-VERSUS” make Serious Art Interesting.Game launch Q1 2022, support all NFT purchased in AF Gallery as cards,Please look forward to it!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice


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